Theatre Old house

Theatre Old house

Novosibirsk, Bolshevik str., 45

The history of the unique mobile theater of Novosibirsk began in the 30s of the last century. In its early years, the theater existed as a branch of the drama theater "Red torch", and worked mainly in the Novosibirsk region.

The repertoire of the new creative organizations were formed from pieces Korniychuk, Gorky, Ostrovsky, in addition to the performances, practiced the "evening of small forms" – songs, dances, artistic expression. The first major creative achievements were connected with the name Anisim Rogachev, followers of bright, cheerful, costume theatre. His performances on the works of Moliere, K. Goldoni, F. Schiller laid the foundations of artistic policy of the collective.


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Playbill for the next few days

Double play
Jun 19, 18:30 We
450 - 550
Peer Gynt
Jun 22, 17:00 Sa
450 - 650
Jun 24, 18:30 Mo
450 - 850
Jun 26, 18:30 We
450 - 800