Ticket Order Rules

Please note that placing an order, you enter into with the company TicketBest contract for services related to the acquisition of tickets to the conditions set forth in the terms of service (the offer). A contract is concluded with the completion of the order Buyer procedures.

Payment methods

Payment by credit card over the internet

You can pay by credit card Visa or Mastercard. After ordering to open a window with a secure payment page of the processing center, where you need to enter the data of your credit card.


All transactions with payment cards taking place in accordance with the requirements of VISA International, MasterCard and other payment systems. When you send information using special security technology of online payments, data is processed on a secure server, high-tech processing company.

Secure online payments

If you pay via internet, data entry and processing of payment occurs at the site of electronic payment systems. Payment System ensures that sensitive customer data are not available in the online store, and their processing is fully protected, and nobody can obtain personal and banking data of the customer.

Methods for the preparation of order

Electronic ticket

Payment of the electronic ticket is carried out exclusively by wire transfer using the selected payment system. After the order, paid tickets are sent to the e-mail address (e-mail), specified when ordering.

Visiting the event is necessary to have a printed e-ticket. In case of doubt about the authenticity of an electronic ticket, the staff carrying out a pass to the event have the right to make a test call to the mobile phone number specified when purchasing the ticket. These security measures are taken to prevent possible cases of fraud with tickets.

Details about e-ticket.

Cost of services

By paying tickets, in addition to the nominal value of the tickets may be added:

Validity of order

The order will be automatically canceled if it has not been paid for:

Return tickets

If you cancel, replace, or refund transfer activities carried out by the event organizer, which itself sets the time and place for the return ticket.

To return electronic tickets according to the customer, you must send a written application to the e-mail address info@ticketbest.ru.

Note that: