Great rogue. A Solo Performance Of Ilia Music

Great rogue. A Solo Performance Of Ilia Music

It does not matter if you've seen the films of Charlie Chaplin. Perhaps you've seen them, but can't quite remember, it's not too important. It is important that you are interested together with the author of the play "the Great rogue" based on the autobiography of the living legend, the myth of Hollywood, Charles Spencer Chaplin, to understand what is behind this myth. How to begin the story of his incredible success? I had to go through the person who has left us in the movie, the image of the defenseless and touching Charlie, but in real life the myth of the mega-successful Chaplin? The author of the play, the actor Ilya Music, will pass this way together with your character from "Baby" to "big city Lights", being a modern young artist, studying the experience of Chaplin and Chaplin reincarnated in a young, experience which is important for a modern young artist.


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