The play «Not Romeo, not Juliet» (theater-Theater, Perm)

The play «Not Romeo, not Juliet» (theater-Theater, Perm)

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"Romeo and Juliet" is a terrible story, says his idea by the Director of the play Vladimir Gurfinkel, Two children fell in love for the first time and... died. You want your child so early and so terribly lost? I — no! I don't want my son were in place of Romeo, and the daughter in the place of Juliet. You want today I thought that story by far great? You want her not me tortured? Yes, it's a great story about a great love, written by the great playwright. But by itself it's terrible. Love is a terrible destructive force. If we start unwinding the ball at history, every great tragedy starts or with love, or with unrealized feelings. I love itself is so powerful and gigantic force that it destroys everything around it. She is always in conflict with reality. Like a hurricane blowing away everything in its path, destroys the whole way of life, breaks up families, ruins, houses, kills. But we all want to experience love. We all want it. And always has been! But how to tell the audience this well-known story? That's what we is!"


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